David Squire's Past Graduate Students


Shenjun Zhong 2013-2016
(co-supervised with David Barnes, Parnesh Raniga, Govinda Poudel, and Richard Beare)
Accelerations of Structural and Functional Brain Connectivity Using Heterogeneous Computing

Nabeel Mohammed 2010-2013
Development of Collection-specific Texture Features for Image Retrieval
Joint Publications

Nayyar Zaidi 2009-2011
(co-supervised with David Suter)
Metric Learning and Scale estimation in High Dimensional Machine Learning Problems with an Application to Generic Object Recognition
Joint Publications

Jens Kötters 2007-2009
(co-supervised with Heinz Schmidt)
Formal Conceptual Structuring of Complex Data with Consideration to Context and Background Knowledge
Joint Publications

Walter ten Brinke 2003-2010
(co-supervised with John Bigelow)
On Similarity and the Semantic Gap in Content-Based Image Retrieval: a metaphysical approach
Joint Publications

Lito Perez Cruz 2002-2010
(co-supervised with John Crossley)
Tiered Logic with Applications to Contextualizing Logics
Joint Publications

Laurence Bull 2002-2006
(co-supervised with Yuliang Zheng)
Towards Selective and Secure Handling of Verifiable Content
Joint Publications

Henning Müller 1998-2002
(co-supervised with Thierry Pun)
User Interaction and Performance Evaluation in Content-Based Visual Information Retrieval
Joint Publications

Wolfgang Müller 1998-2001
(co-supervised with Thierry Pun)
Design and implementation of a flexible content-based image retrieval framework
Joint Publications


Varun Maithani 2018
Deep Bidirectional LSTM For Action Recognition: An Analysis (minor thesis in the Master of Data Science)

Matthias Rohr 2004
Automatic Face Detection and Recognition based on Eigenfaces and Color (minor thesis in the MIT)

Maged Edward Boles 2004
Long-Term Learning of Feature Group Weights in Content-Based Image Retrieval (minor thesis in the MIT)

Denny 2003-2004
Visualizations of Cluster Changes by Comparing Self-Organizing Maps (minor thesis in the MIT (minor thesis))
Joint Publications

Pruet Boonma 2002
An Extension of MRML to Support Image Segmentation for Content-Based Image Retrieval (minor thesis in the MIT)

Jirapatra Chiupricha 2000-2001
(co-supervised with Robert Redpath)
Integration of textual and visual features for content-based multimedia retrieval (minor thesis in the MIT)


David Copley 2018
(co-supervised with Robyn McNamara)
Neural Network Approaches in Classifying Cryptic Crosswords

Arvin Wiyono 2017
(co-supervised with Robert Merkel)
StalkAware: From Cyberstalking to Mobile Spyware Detection through Network Traffic Analysis

Sean Genge 2017
(co-supervised with Robyn McNamara)
Applying a Gibbs estimator to aid cryptic solvers

Weichen Wei 2016
Use of User Feedback to Improve OCR Accuracy

Anthony Freestone 2013-2014
Optical Character Recognition for Early Printed Text

James Hart 2013
Learning Texture Features using 2-Dimensional Independent Component Analysis

Andrew Lay 2010
M-Bridge: A Bridge To MRML

Nabeel Mohammed 2009
Development of Collection-specific Texture Features for Image Retrieval

Dmitri Nikulin 2009
Algorithms and Architecture for Fast, Distributed Text Matching
Joint Publications

Peter Lobley 2007
(co-supervised with Peter Tischer)
Interactive Region of Interest Specification

Ji Tran 2005
Segmentation of Dermatological Images using Mixture Models and Markov Random Fields

Adam Ferfoglia 2004
Using Clustering to Improve Results Display in Content-Based Image Retrieval

Phan Anh Le 2004
A tool for Integrating Concept Maps and Bibliography Management

Nadia Trojan 2004
CBIR-based Dermatology Diagnostic Assistant: Improved Feature Extraction for Textures and Differential Structures Specific to Dermatoscopic Images

Gordon Tam 2003
(co-supervised with Heinz Schmidt)
FOCAS - Formal Concept Analysis and Text Similarity

Andre Oboler 2002
(co-supervised with Kevin Korb)
USE CSR: The Use of Software Engineering in Computer Science Research.
Joint Publications


Camara Sidiki 1998-1999
(co-supervised with
Lorenzo Moneta)
Conception et implémentation d'une interface graphique utilisateur pour le prototype DAQ d'ATLAS en expérimentation au CERN

Jilali Raki 1998-1999
(co-supervised with Thierry Pun)
Utilisation d'un protocole de communication et d'une structure de fichier inversé pour la recherche dans une base de données d'images
Joint Publications