LaTeX Resources

Here you will find a variety of resources that should help you in learning and using LaTeX. Comments and suggestions regarding this page should be sent to

Document class for Monash Faculty of Information Technology theses (Honours, Masters, Ph.D.)

Tutorials and User Guides

Bibliographic resources and information on citation using BibTeX

The Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

Editors and tools for preparing LaTeX documents

  • Texmaker is a cross-platform 'IDE' for working with LaTeX. It is available for all major OSs.
  • AUCTeX: a package that facilitates the writing and formatting of TeX with Emacs and XEmacs. Note that it might already be installed on your machine (it is on bruce etc.). You need to add a line containing (require 'tex-site) to your ~/.emacs file in order to load it.
  • WinEdt: a shell and editor for MS Windows. You can use it for LaTeX and more. Highly recommended by several CSSE users.

LaTeX on various platforms

  • MS Windows
    • TeX Live is available for Windows, as well as Linux and Mac OS X, and other Unix flavours.
    • MikTEX: An open source TeX distribution for MS Windows.
  • Macintosh
    • TeX Live is available for Windows, as well as Linux and Mac OS X, and other Unix flavours. It can easily be installed using MacPorts.
  • Linux

LaTeX and HTML

  • LaTeX2HTML: a Perl program that generates HTML pages from LaTeX source.
  • TTH : a TeX to HTML translator that actually translates the maths, as opposed to generating images.
  • plasTeX: a LaTeX document processing framework written entirely in Python, that comes bundled with an XHTML renderer.
  • bibtex2html: a collection of tools for translating from BibTeX to HTML.

LaTeX for presentations

  • Beamer: A LaTeX class for producing presentations and slides. Very useful when you want to create a presentation for a paper written in LaTeX - particularly if it contains equations.

Other resources