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  • @inproceedings{TSB2004a,
    	vgclass =	{refpap},
    	author =	{ten Brinke, Walter and David McG. Squire and John
    	title =	{Supervenience in Content-Based Image Retrieval},
    	booktitle =	{International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information
    	Systems (FOIS 2004)},
    	address =	{Torino, Italy},
    	pages =	{298--304},
    	month =	{November~4--6},
    	year =	{2004},
    	abstract =	{In the last years there has been a boom in digital
    	real-world image databases, for instance, in medical imagery and
    	consumer digital photography.  In Information Retrieval, the field of
    	Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) aims to retrieve images from a
    	repository, and rank the retrieved images by computing the similarity
    	between the images in the database and a query image.  A basic process
    	in CBIR is the extraction of features from the digitized representation
    	of an image on a computer.  These features are intended to represent
    	features that coincide with human visual experience.  We explore the
    	human visual experience of an image and discuss what an image is, and
    	how it relates to the visual experience.  We show that an image consist
    	of indivisible information carrying elements that make up the whole of
    	the image.  We argue that a CBIR system must have an intermediate level
    	for reasons of efficiency and effectiveness.  Then we apply the
    	technical philosophical notion of supervenience to explain the nature
    	of the relation between information carrying elements, the intermediate
    	level and the image.  At the end of the paper, we offer our ontology of
    	an image in a CBIR system.},