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  • @inproceedings{TSB2004,
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    	author =	{ten Brinke, Walter and David McG. Squire and John
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    	editor =	{Mircea Gh. Negoita and Robert J. Howlett and Lakhmi C.
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    	month =	{September~20--24},
    	year =	{2004},
    	doi =	{},
    	abstract =	{This paper presents an overview of the challenges of
    	producing a list of retrieval results ranked according to perceptual
    	similarity. We explain some of the problems in using a metric to
    	measure peceptual similarity, and consider the arguments for the
    	desirability of metrics for retrieval. We discuss the use of broader
    	definitions of betweenness to produce such a ranking of retrieval
    	results. We propose some initial ideas of a notion of projective
    	betweenness that makes explicit the intuition that two referents should
    	be used when producing a similarity ranking, and indicate how it might
    	be used in relevance feedback.},