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  • @article{PuS1996,
    	vgclass =	{refpap},
    	vgproject =	{viper,cbir},
    	author =	{Thierry Pun and David McG. Squire},
    	title =	{Statistical structuring of pictorial databases for content-based image retrieval systems},
    	journal =	{Pattern Recognition Letters},
    	volume =	{17},
    	number =	{12},
    	pages =	{1299--1310},
    	month =	{October},
    	year =	{1996},
    	doi =	{},
    	url =	{/publications/postscript/1996/PuS96_prl_corran.pdf},
    	url1 =	{/publications/postscript/1996/},
    	abstract =	{This letter presents a two-stage statistical approach for
    	``exploring and explaining'' a pictorial database, for content-based
    	image retrieval systems. First, we describe how correspondence analysis
    	provides images classes, as well as facilitates the understanding of
    	the role of image primitives and attributes used to index pictures.
    	Such understanding allows an intelligent choice of features, and thus
    	computational savings, to be made. Second, ascendant hierarchical
    	classification permits the structuring of the database, in order to
    	ease picture indexing and retrieval.},