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  • @inproceedings{MoS2011,
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    	url =	{/publications/postscript/2011/AMR2011.pdf},
    	abstract =	{This study aims to find more effective methods for
    	collection-specific CBIR. A lot of work has been done in trying to
    	adapt a system by user feedback, in this study we aim to adapt CBIR
    	systems for specific image collections in an automated manner.
    	Independent Component Analysis (ICA), a high order statistical
    	technique, is used to extract Independent Component Filters (ICF) from
    	image sets. As these filters are adapted to the data, the hypothesis is
    	that they may provide features which are more effective for
    	collection-specific CBIR. To test this question, this study develops a
    	methodology to extract ICF from image sets and use them to extract
    	filter responses. In developing this method, the study uses image
    	cross-correlation and clustering to solve issues to do with
    	shifted/duplicate filters and selecting a smaller set of filters to
    	make CBIR practical. The method is used to generate filter responses
    	for the VisTex database . The filter response energies are used as
    	features in the GNU Image Finding Tool (GIFT). The experiments show
    	that features extracted using ICF have the potential to improve the
    	effectiveness of collection-specific CBIR, although some more work in
    	this area is required.},