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  • @inproceedings{MSP1996,
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    	doi =	{},
    	url =	{/publications/postscript/1996/MSP96_icip_paper.pdf},
    	url1 =	{/publications/postscript/1996/},
    	abstract =	{This paper describes a two-stage statistical approach
    	supporting content-based search in image databases. The first stage
    	performs correspondence analysis, a factor analysis method transforming
    	image attributes into a reduced-size, uncorrelated factor space. The
    	second stage performs ascendant hierarchical classification, an
    	iterative clustering method which constructs a hierarchical index
    	structure for the images of the database. Experimental results
    	supporting the applicability of both techniques to data sets of
    	heterogeneous images are reported.},