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  • @inproceedings{MPM2000,
    	vgclass =	{fullconf},
    	vgproject =	{cbir,viper},
    	author =	{Wolfgang M\"{u}ller and Zoran Pe\u{c}enovi\'{c} and
    	Henning M\"{u}ller and St\'{e}phane Marchand-Maillet and
    	Thierry Pun and David McG. Squire and Arjen P. de~Vries and Christoph
    	title =	{{MRML}: An Extensible Communication Protocol for
    	Interoperability and Benchmarking of Multimedia Information Retrieval
    	editor =	{John R. Smith and Chinh Le and Sethuraman Panchanathan and
    	C.-C. Jay Kuo},
    	booktitle =	{Internet Multimedia Management Systems},
    	address =	{Boston, Massachusetts, USA},
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    	series =	{SPIE Proceedings},
    	month =	{November~6--7},
    	year =	{2000},
    	note =	{(IT 2000, SPIE Conference on Information Technologies)},
    	abstract =	{While in the area of relational databases interoperability
    	is ensured by common communication protocols (e.g. ODBC/JDBC using
    	SQL), Content Based Image Retrieval Systems (CBIRS) and other
    	multimedia retrieval systems are lacking both a common query language
    	and a common communication protocol. 
    	Besides its obvious short term convenience, interoperability of systems
    	is crucial for the exchange and analysis of user data.  In this paper,
    	we present and describe an extensible XML-based query markup language,
    	called MRML (Multimedia Retrieval Markup Language). MRML is primarily
    	designed so as to ensure interoperability between different content
    	based multimedia retrieval systems. Further, MRML allows researchers to
    	preserve their freedom in extending their system as needed.   
    	MRML encapsulates multimedia queries in a way that enables multimedia
    	(MM) query languages, MM content descriptions, MM query engines, and MM
    	user interfaces to grow independently from each other, reaching a
    	maximum of interoperability while ensuring a maximum of freedom for the
    	developer. For benefiting from this, only a few simple design
    	principles have to be respected when extending MRML for one's private
    	needs. The design of extensions within the MRML framework will be
    	described in detail in the paper.  
    	MRML has been implemented and tested for the CBIRS Viper, using the
    	user interface SnakeCharmer. Both are under GNU Public License and can
    	be downloaded at},