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  • @inproceedings{MMM2000b,
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    	url2 =	{/publications/postscript/2000/MuellerWMuellerHMarchandPunSquirePecenovicGiessVries_visual2000.pdf},
    	abstract =	{In this paper we introduce and describe the Multimedia
    	Retrieval Markup Language (MRML).  This XML-based markup language is
    	the basis for an open communication protocol for content-based image
    	retrieval systems (CBIRSs).  MRML was initially designed as a means of
    	separating CBIR engines from their user interfaces. It is, however,
    	also extensible as the basis for standardised performance evaluation
    	Such a tool is essential for the formulation and implementation of
    	common benchmarks for CBIR. A common protocol can also bring new
    	dynamics to the CBIR field --- it makes the development of new systems
    	faster and more efficient, and opens the door of the CBIR research
    	field to other disciplines such as Human-Computer Interaction.  The
    	MRML specifications, as well as the first MRML-compliant applications,
    	are freely available and are introduced in this paper.},