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  • @inproceedings{KSS2009,
    	vgclass =	{refpap},
    	author =	{Jens K\"{o}tters and Heinz Schmidt and David McG.\ Squire},
    	title =	{Context Graphs --- Representing Formal Concepts by Connected
    	booktitle =	{Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Formal Concept
    	address =	{Darmstadt, Germany},
    	number =	{5548},
    	series =	{Lecture Notes in Computer Science},
    	pages =	{178--193},
    	publisher =	{Springer-Verlag},
    	month =	{May~21--24},
    	year =	{2009},
    	doi =	{},
    	abstract =	{The article introduces a representation of a formal
    	context by an undirected graph called a \emph{context graph} with the
    	formal objects being the nodes of the graph.  We use as a defining
    	property for this graph that it contains every concept extent as a
    	connected subgraph. The graph is not uniquely defined by this property
    	--- we focus on those graphs that are edge-minimal and present a result
    	with respect to the number of their edges. We then study how the
    	structure of an edge-minimal context graph can be updated to adjust to
    	the subsequent addition of an object to the context. This leads to an
    	incremental construction algorithm that does not require the explicit
    	computation of formal concepts.},