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  • @article{BSZ2004,
    	vgclass =	{refpap},
    	author =	{Laurence Bull and David McG.\ Squire and Yuliang Zheng},
    	title =	{A Hierarchical Extraction Policy for Content Extraction
    	journal =	{International Journal on Digital Libraries},
    	volume =	{4},
    	number =	{3},
    	pages =	{208--222},
    	year =	{2004},
    	note =	{(Special issue on Security)},
    	doi =	{},
    	abstract =	{Content Extraction Signatures (CES) enable the selective
    	extraction of verifiable content from signed documents. Extending this
    	ability, we introduce a new Hierarchical Grouping Extraction Policy
    	that is more powerful and less costly than the existing Grouping
    	Extraction Policy, and maps naturally onto the hierarchically
    	structured documents commonly found in Digital Libraries. We also show
    	how to implement the new Extraction Policy using XML Signatures with a
    	custom transform. We introduce an improved design for the XML Signature
    	structure in order to achieve CES functionality. We then conjecture as
    	to how to enrich Digital Library functionality through the use of
    	Content Extraction Signatures.},